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buffer-recyclingReuse bufferspacien3 years
masterMake demo link copyablepacien2 years
pdfjs-fontbug-demoEnable mirroring to demonstrate bugpacien3 years
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2018-10-24Make demo link copyableHEADmasterpacien
2018-10-24Rename projectpacien
2018-10-24Use URL anchor to avoid query cache misspacien
2018-10-24Switch to cache and update caching strategypacien
2018-08-24Better demo file + add linkpacien
2018-08-24Handle click and touch eventspacien
2018-07-31Succumb to paranoiapacien
2018-07-21Use self-closing page for popup checkpacien
2018-07-21Open in a new window instead of tabpacien
2018-07-21Add preemptive popup checkpacien