BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
io2013Revert "Adding bottom grey footer"Eric Bidelman10 years
masterFix remote message parsingPacien TRAN-GIRARD8 years
web-componentsmore component stuff that doesnt work thoughEric Bidelman11 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-07-06Fix remote message parsingHEADmasterPacien TRAN-GIRARD
2014-05-17Toggle fullscreen on double tap (on touchscreen)Pacien TRAN-GIRARD
2014-05-17Scale down slides instead of croppingPacien TRAN-GIRARD
2014-05-15Remove password for demo slideshowPacien TRAN-GIRARD
2014-05-15Fix popup mode when opening a presentation in a new tabPacien TRAN-GIRARD
2014-05-13Update templatePacien TRAN-GIRARD
2014-05-13Separate controller and presenter modesPacien TRAN-GIRARD
2014-05-13Remove previous notificationsPacien TRAN-GIRARD
2014-05-13Replace connection alert() by javascript/css notificationsPacien TRAN-GIRARD
2014-05-13Fix non-key code dispatchPacien TRAN-GIRARD