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* compiler: allow explicit dist path for viewer deploymentpacien2020-02-27
* compiler: clarify dependent path documentationpacien2020-02-27
* compiler: add cli arg for output gallery indexpacien2020-02-27
* compiler: make --clean-output remove old viewer filespacien2020-02-25
* compiler: add gallery config file CLI argumentpacien2020-02-23
* compiler: remove timestamp field from generated viewer configpacien2020-02-13
* compiler: reject input and output directories that coincidepacien2020-02-03
* compiler: fix viewer output directory exclusionpacien2020-02-03
* compiler: output viewer config.jsonZero~Informatique2020-01-31
* compiler: add flag for output dir cleanuppacien2020-01-30
* compiler: enable language extensions on whole projectpacien2020-01-05
* compiler: enable warnings and fix thempacien2020-01-05
* add manualpacien2020-01-05
* compiler: add option to include static web app in the outputpacien2019-12-31
* compiler: switch to cmdargspacien2019-12-27
* compiler: exclude output dir from inputpacien2019-12-27
* compiler: add command line interfacepacien2019-12-27
* compiler: implement resource processingpacien2019-12-27
* compiler: add base structures and encodingpacien2019-12-23
* compiler: init stack projectpacien2019-12-21