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* compiler: set version number for first releasepacien2020-05-01
* compiler: update compiler package urlspacien2020-02-24
* compiler: rename output binarypacien2020-02-22
* compiler: optimise dir diff for output cleanuppacien2020-02-01
* compiler: switch to imagemagickpacien2020-01-29
* compiler: properly reject invalid dates in sidecar filespacien2020-01-06
* compiler: default item date to filesystem last mod datepacien2020-01-06
* compiler: replace file filter with inclusino and exclusion glob listspacien2020-01-05
* compiler: turn warnings into errorspacien2020-01-05
* compiler: enable language extensions on whole projectpacien2020-01-05
* compiler: enable warnings and fix thempacien2020-01-05
* compiler: add option to ignore files matching a regexpacien2019-12-31
* compiler: add option to include static web app in the outputpacien2019-12-31
* compiler: enable parallelisationpacien2019-12-27
* compiler: switch to cmdargspacien2019-12-27
* compiler: add compiler config keyspacien2019-12-27
* compiler: add command line interfacepacien2019-12-27
* compiler: implement resource processingpacien2019-12-27
* compiler: refactor transform stagespacien2019-12-25
* compiler: fix item tree tag aggregation and path concatpacien2019-12-23
* compiler: add base structures and encodingpacien2019-12-23
* compiler: init stack projectpacien2019-12-21