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* compiler: add tagCategories setting to gallery.yamlpacien2020-02-29
* compiler: add tag inclusion and exclusion globspacien2020-02-27
* compiler: re-introduce gallery titlepacien2020-02-27
* compiler: flatten gallery configpacien2020-02-23
* compiler: add a prefix setting for tags generated from parent dirspacien2020-02-23
* compiler: metadata sidecar for whole directoriespacien2020-02-17
* compiler: tweak default thumbnail sizepacien2020-02-02
* compiler: switch to imagemagickpacien2020-01-29
* compiler: add jpeg export quality settingpacien2020-01-26
* compiler: add directory incl and excl glob settingspacien2020-01-26
* compiler: replace file filter with inclusino and exclusion glob listspacien2020-01-05
* compiler: add option to add tags from n parent directoriespacien2020-01-05
* compiler: enable language extensions on whole projectpacien2020-01-05
* compiler: enable warnings and fix thempacien2020-01-05
* compiler: rename max thumbnail size optionpacien2020-01-05
* compiler: add option to ignore files matching a regexpacien2019-12-31
* compiler: add option to add implicit directory tagspacien2019-12-31
* compiler: refactor resource transformation pipelinepacien2019-12-30
* compiler: parameterise gallery namepacien2019-12-28
* compiler: add compiler config keyspacien2019-12-27
* compiler: implement resource processingpacien2019-12-27
* compiler: extract config and remove utilspacien2019-12-26