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* compiler: bump stackage lts to 15.9pacien2020-04-25
* compiler: fix doc commentpacien2020-02-16
* compiler: stabilise item order in indexpacien2020-02-13
* compiler: properly exclude out directorypacien2020-01-31
* compiler: distinguish item and resource pathspacien2020-01-05
* compiler: enable language extensions on whole projectpacien2020-01-05
* compiler: enable warnings and fix thempacien2020-01-05
* compiler: make absent file names more explicitpacien2020-01-05
* compiler: add option to include static web app in the outputpacien2019-12-31
* compiler: add option to add implicit directory tagspacien2019-12-31
* compiler: fix subpath generationpacien2019-12-31
* compiler: refactor path handlingpacien2019-12-30
* compiler: do not require sidecar filepacien2019-12-29
* compiler: allow fast recovery from partial gallery compilationpacien2019-12-29
* compiler: add compiler config keyspacien2019-12-27
* compiler: extracting funcspacien2019-12-27
* compiler: implement resource processingpacien2019-12-27
* compiler: implement output dir cleanuppacien2019-12-26
* compiler: add gallery config file handlingpacien2019-12-25
* compiler: refactor transform stagespacien2019-12-25