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* Add headers to the status handler.HEADmasterPacien TRAN-GIRARD2015-12-07
* Optimize code (using pointers).Pacien TRAN-GIRARD2015-12-07
* Fix static handler path for previewing.Pacien TRAN-GIRARD2015-12-07
* Fix path separator in URI on Windows (\ to /).Pacien TRAN-GIRARD2015-12-07
* Better project root directory.Pacien TRAN-GIRARD2015-12-07
* Add a static file Handler to the root for previewing.Pacien TRAN-GIRARD2015-12-07
* Manually serve files in order to set the Content-Type header correctlyPacien TRAN-GIRARD2015-12-07
* Use a default subdir for projects.Pacien TRAN-GIRARD2015-12-07
* Add some Access-Control headers.Pacien TRAN-GIRARD2015-12-07
* Fix element JSON date key names (creationDate and modifiedDate).Pacien TRAN-GIRARD2015-12-07
* Relative paths additions.Pacien TRAN-GIRARD2015-12-07
* Fix directory content listing weird behavior.Pacien TRAN-GIRARD2015-12-07
* Correct path trimming for Windows ("\").Pacien TRAN-GIRARD2015-12-07
* "Manually" serve HTML files to set the correct header and to use thePacien TRAN-GIRARD2015-12-07
* Use relative paths using a virtual Windows drive instead of absolutePacien TRAN-GIRARD2015-12-07
* Add header to disable browser caching.Pacien TRAN-GIRARD2015-12-07
* Fix cloudstatus path (add the missing "/").Pacien TRAN-GIRARD2015-12-07
* Add project URL.Pacien TRAN-GIRARD2015-12-07
* Multiple bug fixes:Pacien TRAN-GIRARD2015-12-07
* Fix project URL.Pacien TRAN-GIRARD2015-12-07
* Adding license and version informations.Pacien TRAN-GIRARD2015-12-07
* Implement directory listing, directory mod time comparison and directoryPacien TRAN-GIRARD2015-12-07
* Implement mod time comparison, file info reading and file serving.Pacien TRAN-GIRARD2015-12-07
* Add determination of specific OS path type.Pacien TRAN-GIRARD2015-12-07
* Implement all files and dirs APIs except file reading and directoryPacien TRAN-GIRARD2015-12-07
* Add files and dirs manipulation functions.Pacien TRAN-GIRARD2015-12-07
* First draft: program structure.Pacien TRAN-GIRARD2015-12-07