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* app: add configuration FTP serverpacien2020-12-08
* fix R8 exclusionpacien2019-06-14
* Capitalise app namepacien2018-08-06
* Add start yearpacien2018-08-01
* Succumb to paranoiapacien2018-08-01
* Disable log-breaking obfuscationpacien2018-03-17
* Implement dual logging for application contextpacien2018-03-14
* Exclude dynamically referenced library from pruningpacien2018-03-04
* New release; Update proguard rulesv0.7pacien2017-09-07
* Bump version number and update build config (multidex+proguard)v0.3pacien2017-08-03
* Import unversioned prototypev0.1-previewPacien TRAN-GIRARD2017-05-05