diffusionA minimalist websocket multi-channel broadcast server2 years
foldawebA "keep last legacy" website generator.2 years
io-slides-remoteAutomatically exported from years
ninjaA fully featured content authoring tool to deploy HTML5 web applications.2 years
ninja-go-local-cloudA custom WebDav server to run Ninja on Linux2 years
staticwebA multi-domain flat files web server.2 years
tincappAndroid binding and user interface for the tinc mesh VPN daemon 4 weeks
webcastorA simple websocket broadcaster.2 years
whatsthepointWhat's The Point?2 years
pirate-party-coasterA coaster featuring the Pirate Party logo2 years
tabletop-spool-holderA parametric tabletop spool holder2 years
eximExim mail server sane configuration template 6 months
sshSSH hardened configuration10 months
afeedprocessorA simple Python framework for RSS feeds processing3 years
envcfgGo package providing environment variable mapping to structs3 years
fcmdCommon file manipulation commands for Go.2 years
vparseA Go vCalendar/vCard-ish files parser2 years
desktop-utilitiesDesktop utility scripts8 months
server-utilitiesServer utility scripts 12 months
vi7-rootChuwi Vi7 ADB rooting script3 years
pandoc-filter-plantumlA Pandoc AST filter rendering PlantUML code blocks into vector diagrams. 4 months