A simple adventure game made as part of unit IGI-1002 (Java) at ESIEE Paris.

Project resources

The maps, the scenario, the planning and other resources are stored on Google Drive.

Repository structure

  • /src: the Java source code
  • /lib: jar libraries
  • /res: non Java resources to be included in the .jar
  • /war: HTML, CSS and JS related to the web app
  • /test: command test text files
  • /website: the project's website
  • /report: the LaTeX project report

Continuous integration

The website, the LaTeX report, the .jar, the Javascript web app and the Javadoc are automagically generated width ant through Gitlab CI and published on the project's website.

Code guidelines

For the conventions, see the "Objects First With Java" style guide.

Also use the Eclipse code formatter, tabs instead of spaces for indentation and opening curly braces on the same line. Do not use prefixes such as "a", "p", "v" or "pkg_" on variables and packages. Try to use "final" and "this." as often as possible.


Group 3F:

  • Pacien TRAN-GIRARD