BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
backportUse multi-dex support lib for old Android versionspacien2 years
masterrelease v0.30pacien7 days
v0.30tincapp-0.30.tar.gz  pacien7 days
v0.29tincapp-0.29.tar.gz  pacien7 days
v0.28tincapp-0.28.tar.gz  pacien4 months
v0.27tincapp-0.27.tar.gz  pacien7 months
v0.26tincapp-0.26.tar.gz  pacien7 months
v0.25tincapp-0.25.tar.gz  pacien10 months
v0.24tincapp-0.24.tar.gz  pacien11 months
v0.23tincapp-0.23.tar.gz  pacien16 months
v0.22tincapp-0.22.tar.gz  pacien16 months
v0.21tincapp-0.21.tar.gz  pacien16 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
7 daysrelease v0.30HEADv0.30masterpacien
7 daysrevert to target API 28pacien
7 daysadd missing legacy logging library on Android 10pacien
7 daysrelease v0.29v0.29pacien
7 daysuse private temp files to pass decrypted private keyspacien
7 dayspass network device fd via unix socket instead of inheritancepacien
8 daysupdate Kotlin pluginpacien
8 daysupdate libressl to 3.0.2pacien
8 daysupdate gradlepacien
2019-10-13update requirementspacien