BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
backportUse multi-dex support lib for old Android versionspacien10 months
masterRefactor part of Status activitypacien7 days
v0.18tincapp-0.18.tar.gz  pacien10 days
v0.17tincapp-0.17.tar.gz  pacien8 weeks
v0.16tincapp-0.16.tar.gz  pacien2 months
v0.15tincapp-0.15.tar.gz  pacien3 months
v0.14tincapp-0.14.tar.gz  pacien4 months
v0.13tincapp-0.13.tar.gz  pacien5 months
v0.12tincapp-0.12.tar.gz  pacien5 months
v0.11tincapp-0.11.tar.gz  pacien5 months
v0.10tincapp-0.10.tar.gz  pacien6 months
v0.9tincapp-0.9.tar.gz  pacien6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
7 daysRefactor part of Status activityHEADmasterpacien
7 daysMaking release signing and publishing conditionalpacien
9 daysRefactor configuration activitypacien
10 daysNew releasev0.18pacien
10 daysConfigure release signingpacien
10 daysUpdate build toolpacien
11 daysRevert "Rename source directory"pacien
11 daysUpdate screenshotspacien
11 daysSort networks alphabeticallypacien
11 daysRename source directorypacien