BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUpdate to latest tinc release (1.1pre15, 20170902)pacien7 days
v0.7tincapp-0.7.tar.gz  pacien2 weeks
v0.6tincapp-0.6.tar.gz  pacien4 weeks
v0.5tincapp-0.5.tar.gz  pacien4 weeks
v0.4tincapp-0.4.tar.gz  pacien5 weeks
v0.3tincapp-0.3.tar.gz  pacien7 weeks
v0.2tincapp-0.2.tar.gz  Pacien TRAN-GIRARD3 months
v0.1-previewtincapp-0.1-preview.tar.gz  Pacien TRAN-GIRARD5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
7 daysUpdate to latest tinc release (1.1pre15, 20170902)HEADmasterpacien
2017-09-07New release; Update proguard rulesv0.7pacien
2017-09-07More explicit error messagepacien
2017-09-07Implement encrypted private keys supportpacien
2017-09-06Do not crash on unreadable config. dirpacien
2017-08-30Update Kotlin pluginpacien
2017-08-24Fix rotation on main screenpacien
2017-08-24Bump version numberv0.6pacien
2017-08-24Reject blank network namepacien
2017-08-24Do not dismiss dialogs on screen rotatepacien