BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
backportUse multi-dex support lib for old Android versionspacien3 years
masterrelease v0.31pacien6 weeks
v0.31tincapp-0.31.tar.gz  pacien6 weeks
v0.30tincapp-0.30.tar.gz  pacien9 months
v0.29tincapp-0.29.tar.gz  pacien9 months
v0.28tincapp-0.28.tar.gz  pacien14 months
v0.27tincapp-0.27.tar.gz  pacien17 months
v0.26tincapp-0.26.tar.gz  pacien17 months
v0.25tincapp-0.25.tar.gz  pacien19 months
v0.24tincapp-0.24.tar.gz  pacien20 months
v0.23tincapp-0.23.tar.gz  pacien2 years
v0.22tincapp-0.22.tar.gz  pacien2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-10-14Use multi-dex support lib for old Android versionsbackportpacien
2017-10-14Add missing permission for old Android versionspacien
2017-10-14Revert "update to latest libressl release 2.6.2": 2.6.2 is a devel release, l...pacien
2017-10-14fix multidefinition of getpagesize (add configure flag for libressl build)Mahatma
2017-10-14lower requirements from android api-lvl 21 to api-lvl 14Mahatma
2017-10-14update to latest libressl release 2.6.2Mahatma
2017-10-14change lzo url from http to httpsMahatma
2017-10-13Add Chinese translationsyangfl
2017-09-15Update to latest tinc release (1.1pre15, 20170902)pacien
2017-09-07New release; Update proguard rulesv0.7pacien