beamer-viewerA LaTeX-Beamer double-width PDF presentation viewer10 months
diffusion[ARCHIVED] A minimalist websocket multi-channel broadcast server6 years
foldaweb[ARCHIVED] A "keep last legacy" website generator.6 years
io-slides-remote[ARCHIVED] Automatically exported from years
ldgalleryA static web gallery generator with tags16 months
ninja[ARCHIVED] A fully featured content authoring tool to deploy HTML5 web applicati...6 years
ninja-go-local-cloud[ARCHIVED] A custom WebDav server to run Ninja on Linux6 years
staticweb[ARCHIVED] A multi-domain flat files web server.6 years
tincappAndroid binding and user interface for the tinc mesh VPN daemon6 months
webcastor[ARCHIVED] A simple websocket broadcaster.6 years
whatsthepoint[ARCHIVED] What's The Point? Web presentation viewer6 years
closet_rod_socketUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.2 years
pirate-party-coasterA coaster featuring the Pirate Party logo6 years
tabletop-spool-holderA parametric tabletop spool holder6 years
tabletop-tablet-standUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.2 years
eximExim mail server sane configuration template14 months
ssh[ARCHIVED] SSH hardened configuration5 years
afeedprocessorA simple Python framework for RSS feeds processing6 years
envcfg[ARCHIVED] Go package providing environment variable mapping to structs7 years
fcmd[ARCHIVED] Common file manipulation commands for Go.6 years
lemonad[ARCHIVED] Some functional sweetness for Java3 years
vparse[ARCHIVED] A Go vCalendar/vCard-ish files parser6 years
desktop-utilitiesDesktop utility scripts4 years
server-utilities[ARCHIVED] Server utility scripts5 years
vi7-rootChuwi Vi7 ADB rooting script6 years
uge_l2_databases_python_project_prototypeUGE / L2 / Intro to relational databases / Python project prototype
pandoc-filter-plantumlA Pandoc AST filter rendering PlantUML code blocks into vector diagrams.3 years