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* release: set package versions to v2.0pacien2020-09-25
* docs: document new features and optionspacien2020-09-19
* compiler: allow setting thumbnails for all itemspacien2020-06-16
* compiler: reuse derived item properties from last compilationpacien2020-06-16
* compiler: split ItemProcessors, FileProcessors and Cachingpacien2020-06-16
* compiler: make GalleryIndex loadable from JSONpacien2020-06-16
* compiler/Files: simplify subPaths computationpacien2020-06-16
* compiler: trivial code simplificationspacien2020-06-13
* compiler: add audio and video extensionspacien2020-05-22
* compiler: add pdf resource typepacien2020-05-22
* compiler: add plain text file format support through simple copypacien2020-05-22
* compiler: fix typopacien2020-05-21
* doc: add quickstart guidepacien2020-05-02
* compiler: set version number for first releasepacien2020-05-01
* compiler: ghc 8.8.2 is required on Windows (crash during compilation)Zero~Informatique2020-04-30
* compiler: add picture size to indexpacien2020-04-28
* compiler: bump stackage lts to 15.9pacien2020-04-25
* docs: prepare docs for releasepacien2020-04-17
* compiler: add tagCategories setting to gallery.yamlpacien2020-02-29
* compiler: add tag inclusion and exclusion globspacien2020-02-27
* viewer: use colon as tag separator instead of dotpacien2020-02-27
* docs: document viewerpacien2020-02-27
* compiler: allow explicit dist path for viewer deploymentpacien2020-02-27
* compiler: re-introduce gallery titlepacien2020-02-27
* compiler: clarify dependent path documentationpacien2020-02-27
* compiler: add cli arg for output gallery indexpacien2020-02-27
* transverse: combine item tree and gallery-wide propertiespacien2020-02-25
* compiler: make --clean-output remove old viewer filespacien2020-02-25
* compiler: update compiler package urlspacien2020-02-24
* compiler: flatten gallery configpacien2020-02-23
* compiler: add gallery config file CLI argumentpacien2020-02-23
* compiler: add a prefix setting for tags generated from parent dirspacien2020-02-23
* compiler: rename output binarypacien2020-02-22
* compiler: unify directory special filespacien2020-02-17
* compiler: metadata sidecar for whole directoriespacien2020-02-17
* compiler: fix doc commentpacien2020-02-16
* Merge pull request #127 from pacien/compiler-ordered-indexOzoneGrif2020-02-14
| * compiler: stabilise item order in indexpacien2020-02-13
* | compiler: remove timestamp field from generated viewer configpacien2020-02-13
* moved utility scripts to their dedicated folderZero~Informatique2020-02-13
* compiler: minor improvements to the CMD scriptsZero~Informatique2020-02-08
* Merge pull request #89 from pacien/feature-check-distinct-in-out-dirsOzoneGrif2020-02-08
| * compiler: reject input and output directories that coincidepacien2020-02-03
| * compiler: simplify checkspacien2020-02-03
* | compiler: make gallery compilation fail with absent viewerpacien2020-02-06
* compiler: handle image resolution parsing errorpacien2020-02-03
* compiler: fix viewer output directory exclusionpacien2020-02-03
* compiler: fix resolution extraction for multilayer imagespacien2020-02-02
* compiler: tweak default thumbnail sizepacien2020-02-02
* Merge branch 'develop' into feature-thumbnail-resolution-indexOzoneGrif2020-02-02